We are!

We all have those moments in life where we look back and say What was I thinking?
Why did my mom dress me this way?
Damn I look good with my gelled up hair!
You get it, we all had those moments.

Shameless is a collection of silly and embarrassing photos from our childhood composed of our team, family, friends and community. 

Additionally we will feature these photos on our
Shameless IPA can labels. 

If you want to see your photo featured on our
Shameless IPA can labels you can submit below. 

Photos must be 

  • A portrait of you (preferably a school photo)
  • A Color Photo
  • A Scanned or high resolution photo
    (no blurry shit)
  • Contain No glares or Extreme highlights
  • Actually you in the photo and not someone else
  • Submitted as a JPEG, or PDF

By submitting your photo you are agreeing that
(1) Its actually you in the photo
(2) All applicants are 21 years or older
(3) Armada Brewing LLC can use the photo(s) of you submitted on a beer label, our website and for marketing purposes indefinitely. 

Photos can be emailed to