School of Hops

School of Hops is our way of communicating with the home-brew community. I have been home brewing for years and there are so many things to talk about. Throughout this educational series we will meet with home brewers, professional brewers, craft beer enthusiasts and friends. Submit your questions for our Q&A episodes to


Water is Life. Water is the most impactful ingredient and makes up 90-95% of beer. Learning whats in your water and how to modify it to allow your beers to express their best, is what every brewer should aim for. In this episode, John discusses how to find out whats in your water, the suggested amounts of minerals in your water, and how to adjust your water to get your mash pH correct on every brew.

Download John Palmer's Water Spreadsheet

New England IPAs with Stephen Bak

We go Bak to School with local Connecticut home brewer Stephen Bak. Stephen is an extremely talented musician, and home brewer. His passion to educate the brewing community is what we love about him so much! In this episode of School of Hops John sits down with Stephen and discuss one of the hottest topics in the northeast right now, New England IPA's. 


How to harvest and rinse yeast for future batches.

Learn how to save and reuse yeast for future batches in this episode of School of Hops.

How to Make a Yeast Starter

Making a yeast starter is a crucial step to making great beer. Learn how to make a yeast starter in this episode of ARMADA BREWING's School of Hops 

10 Brewing Tips.

10 Tips for Brewing Your Best Beers. 

In this episode I discuss my top ten tips for brewing your best beers. Grab yourself a pint, kick back and get ready for beer school!