Building the ARMADA

ARMADA BREWING began when I was living in Chicago. I was introduced to craft beer while I worked at this liquor store and got my first glimpse of the market. It didn't catch on right away but after I had left that job I became more aware of the amazing beers Goose Island, Half Acre and Metropolitan were putting out. Through a chain of events I got introduced to home brewing and fell in love. I knew from the moment I brewed my first batch that I wanted to brew beer for a living and have since pursued that passion. I reached out to the local home-brew shop for a job and after continuously hounding them, they gave me a shot. This opportunity really set me up for success. I had complete creative freedom on beer recipe development and the support of great brewing mentors who set me on the right track. ARMADA BREWING is a collection of knowledge gained over the years displayed through our beers.  I moved from Illinois back to my home state in March 2016 and have since been on a crusade to share our craft beers with Connecticut.

 John Kraszewski (Captain)