Where can I buy your beer?

The best guaranteed spot to purchase our beers is directly at the brewery 250 Bradley Street East Haven CT.
If beers are distributed we will post on our social media sites Instagram and Facebook with a list of locations where we delivered.

How can I find out about can releases?

Social Media!
But the best way is to sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of this page. 

Will your beer be delivered to my local package/liquor store?

With the limited quantities we cannot guarantee that your local shop or any shops will always get a delivery. 
Allocations are prioritized by our local county (New Haven) and if any remain after those orders are filled, we will make it further.
We only distribute to New Haven, Fairfield and Hartford counties at this time.

How can I sell your beer at my retail location?

Visit our Sell Our Beer page and fill out the required info.
We will follow up with an email about pricing and availability.

Are you located at Overshores Brewing?


Do you have a taproom?

Technically no... BUT we do share the taproom with Overshores and you can purchase draft pints and flights of our beer.

Can I buy beer at the brewery after a can release?

Always! We have cans to go here 90% of time.
Unless specified on social media that we are sold out you can visit the tap room during operating hours for cans to-go

Do you do growler fills?

No. Sorry right now we do not have enough beer and we package in cans to give you the ultimate experience and quality.

I am a collector of Breweriana can you send me your beer labels?

We only order enough labels at a time to cover our canning runs.
Our labels are easily removable from cans and bottles. That would be our best suggestion for collectors.

Are you hiring?

All job and volunteer opportunities are posted on our social media. Follow us and stay on top!

Can you donate beer for my charity/fundraiser?

As much as we would like to help, we are still a very small business and its tough to make a donation to every cause/charity that inquires.
Right now we only donate to causes directly impacting our local community within 5-10 miles.
We cannot guarantee supply at the time but please email info@armadabeer.com for more info.

Can my band play at your can releases?

Maybe? Are you good? lol...
Email us at info@armadabeer.com and shoot us your stuff!

Do you own a Millennium Falcon?