VOLUNTEER/JOBS - We are always seeking passionate craft beer enthusiasts to join our growing team.


  • Sales Ambassadors -  Connecticut based residents that can build and maintain the Armada's community. We are looking for outgoing, personable, craft beer enthusiasts. Sales experience can be minimal. This is a part time position to start 1-2 days a week. Fill out request form or E-mail your resume to sales@armadabeer.com
  • Bottle Squad - If your looking to get some experience in a brewery or just curious on  how things go, this is your cup-o-tea. Our Bottle Squad is made up of a group of passionate volunteers who share our love for craft beer. Bottle days typically take place on the weekends so if you work 9-5 you can still join our team of bottle slayers


DONATIONS - As much as we would like to help every organization who requests donations, we simply are too small. Donation events are chosen randomly from a pool and picked once a month. If you would like to submit your inquiry please fill out the information below. (Requests should be at least 30 day lead time)


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